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I choose to be happy
Bárbara, Pisciana, 19 anos, Música, Rihanna, Mãe, Amorzinho sz, Amigos, Coca-Cola, Chapolin, Animais, Futebol, Comer.
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I wish you were here with me. That would be perfect!

Ready to fly. New York here I come!!




Look at these pitbulls fighting. Scary

“You can warm yourself from the inside. With love and laughter and helping others. IM KIDDING! I’m kidding…no.. Nothing warms you faster that a shot of tequila,that’s what you need.”
~ Ellen DeGeneres (via ellenopia)

Status: Esperando o momento exato em que vou poder te abraçar e te ter só pra mim. Estou chegando!